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It is important that your children are fully immunised.
The recommended schedule is:

2 Months

1st Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus/HIB, Polio & PCV

3 Months

2nd Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus/HIB, Polio & Meningitis C

4 Months

3rd Diphtheria/Whooping Cough/Tetanus/HIB, Polio & PCV

12 months

HIB, Meningitis C

13-15 months

Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) & PCV

4-5 years

Diphtheria booster, Tetanus booster, Whooping Cough, Polio booster, Measles/HIB/Mumps/Rubella 2 (MMR 2)

16-19 years

Tetanus & Diphtheria booster, Polio booster, Polio booster and Meningitis C if not already given

The Health Authority will notify parents of pre-school children when their immunisations are due. These immunisations are usually given on Wednesday mornings by appointment. Please telephone reception for this.

We encourage all patients to have Tetanus/Diphtheria protection. If you are not up to date, please make an appointment with the practice nurse.

INFLUENZA immunisation is offered to eligible patients in the winter months. Keep an eye open for the notice during September. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse in the flu clinic by calling in or telephoning reception.


Certain services provided by your doctor are not covered by the NHS and for these you will be asked to pay a fee. Examples include pre-employment, taxi, HGV, or private medicals, insurance claims, holiday cancellation claims, access to medical records etc.

Healthy Living


The accepted safe limit is 21 units for a man and 14 units for a woman, spread over a week - not in a binge.

Do you smoke? Would you like to quit? Can we help?

We offer one-to-on smoking cessation clinics at the surgery with our trained smoking cessation practice nurses. Support extends over an eight to ten week period. Nicotine replacement therapy is available on prescription ie patches, gum, lozenges. Book an appointment via reception. For additional support, why not call the NHS helpline on 0800 169 0169 (the calls is free). Alternatively, call South East Essex Stop Smoking Services on 01702 212000.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! 4 Winds Alternative Healing Ways Abacus Ambulance Service
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